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Keny Drew


Fife Ambassador, owner @eastneukglass and chairman of the East Neuk Open Studios.


"I blog about some of the behind the scenes places and people that i encounter during my work as an artist in the East Neuk of Fife."



By Keny Drew, Feb 16 2017 11:29AM

The snowdrop festival is always a good reason to get out in the cold. The woodland around Cambo Estate is an amazing place to shelter on a freezing cold winters day.

I was there with both my kids, Maisie (2) and Ella (4). We went along on the Saturday to the opening of the nature playground area and to visit the snowdrop themed craft station hosted by Suzie McIvor. We also went on Sunday morning for the welly walk with some of the Cambo Heritage Trust staff. All family activities that we took part in were free so we made the most of it.

Ella and Maisie loved the nature playground. Its not your typical play park. No swings,no slides and no roundabout. What it does have is a mud kitchen, a little hut, natural den and a climbing log. The whole play area is woodchipped and gives a safe feel to the area but then is also surrounded by more of a wild wood. My kids spent ages playing in the mud kitchen and then re-building the natural den before crossing the field to feed the piglets and pigs. There is a massive box of potatoes there for doing just this.

We only survived about an hour and a half outside before the cold wind and hailstones sent us inside to visit Suzie McIvor. Suzie is a local artist/illustrator who can also be seen at the East Neuk Open Studios in June/July.

Suzie was inside the cafe area with equipment to make snowdrop crowns. We had hot choclates first and a biscuit just to replenish our energy, then on with the crowns.

There was felt, pipe cleaners, bells, ribbons, card and little felt snowdrop heads. Everything was laid out so little fingers could just pick up and stick with just a little help from a parent or Suzie. 45 minutes later we were warm again and had refreshed and made crowns. Happy all round! The weather was pretty awful so we walked back to the car and retired for the day. We would be back in the morning.

Sunday morning was Welly Walk time, everybody met up at the plant sales area and were given sticky boards in preperation for our forage through the woods. We were led by Liz and Judy who walked us through the start of the snowdrop display and gave a quick child friendly chat about the plants. On our way to the more rugged forest area the kids all stopped for a bounce on the trampoline. Once out of the more coiffoured area of the gardens the kids were allowed to pick some snowdrops, plants, leaves and foliage to stick to the sticky board they were given. Colour was what we were after and Ella found plenty. Highlight of the walk for her was playing poosticks on one of the many bridges we crossed on the tour of the woods. The tour probably took about an hour and led us from the main house through the woods, finishing in the play park area at the top. There are loads of other events on during the festival and generally throiugh out the year.

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