East Neuk Glass


Bespoke, high quality

stained glass designed

and built to your exact

specifications. Every

item is beautifully hand

made by Keny Drew from his studio in the east neuk.



The Scotsman

" Keny Drew’s ingenious, evocative merger between photography, screenprinting and stained glass."

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23rd JUNE 2018

Keny Drew and KC launch their new collaboration with the help of the artists in residence in the very same venue as last year’s Glass’D’erpeace. This year you get to take part in a glass, clay, painting and maybe even a knitting workshop to fashion your ticket for the evening’s performance. KD will light the barbecue pit, BYOB/F.

Tickets £45 include art materials, workshops and gig.


Things will get goimg about 2pm.


Turn up and join the BBQ, we will provide the fire bring your own foods, there will be space to cook, drink, chat.


workshops: You have to make your ticket to get in to the gig.

Probably a lucky dip to find your class, then let our artists help you create the most unique ticket you ever held in your hand.


Judith Heald. Dynamic Drawing 

Leonie Mcmillan. Ceramics

Keny Drew. Stained Glass

Di Gilpin. Knitting


Gig will be about 6pm


As a follow up to last year’s Glass’D’erpeace Keny Drew has plans to launch a limited edition glass USB stick holder in the shape of an aquatic creature, and in a pattern named after his home town (Paisley). kwaing is trawling the fence vaults for something quintessentially Indian, perhaps with a sea bass drone, to help keep the stick submerged. Gogs Maclean, Capt. Geeko, Lomond Campbell and Des Lawson are all part of the music crew.

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