East Neuk Glass


Bespoke, high quality

stained glass designed

and built to your exact

specifications. Every

item is beautifully hand

made by Keny Drew from his studio in Crail.



The Scotsman

" Keny Drew’s ingenious, evocative merger between photography, screenprinting and stained glass."

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Comielaw, Balkaskie Estate


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I'm now taking orders for my Y fronts exhibition.

You may have seen Elaine C Smith making a pair on Burdz Eye Veiw on STV the other night. If not, click on the flyer and have a look.

The Exhibition will be on 15th April 2017 ( the official testicular cancer awareness month) and will be held on Cellardyke harbour in Fife. All the pants will be displayed on washing lines and you will be invited to come down and pick them up if you can. They will only be displayed for a day before being picked off the line or posted out to the owner/designer. Pants will cost £30 pounds each with 1/3 of that going straight to the charity.


You can order these directly online by clicking on the pants.

Here's the info you will need to have to order your pants

(one size fits all)


Primary colour of the pants.

Colour of waist band and y front.

(name of buisness or person on waistband extra £10)

email adress and postal adress


I like these to be as garish as possible, so if you would rather leave the design up to me just say that. Your pants will be made of photographic glass from projects that I'm working on at the time.


Once order is confirmed you will be invoiced.

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